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'One Price' Vertical Blind Range

That's right! we are talking ALL of our vertical blind fabrics offered at the same low price. We believe it is important that our Customer's choose the style and colour that suits the room and not restricted by budget - just because a fabric looks and feels more expensive doesn't mean we have to charge more.
Vertical Blinds
25-28 Elmore Green Road, Bloxwich, Walsall WS3 2HW
showroom open Mon to Sat 9am - 5pm
Massive selection of vertical fabrics to choose from.....

Arrange Your Free At Home Blinds Appointment

To make a no obligation appointment for an Advisor to visit your home simply ring our free phone number 0500 404084, or if thats not convenient fill in our contact request form and we will take care of the rest. Every one of our fabric range will come outto you.

Order Your Vertical Blinds Online

Our online vertical blind selection is exclusive to web only orders - made up of ex-stock, discontinued and 'one off' vertical fabrics those Customers who are at one with DIY can grab themselves a real bargain, ex-stock also available to personal callers.

Visit Your Local Abbey Blinds Showroom

Whilst looking for a vertical blind supplier you may have noticed that very few of our competitors have a trading address, this of course has negative appeal and attached intrepidation. So you are more than welcome to come an give us the once over.

When making a purchase we all have different expectations and requirements; some Customers for example do not like the thought of a 'salesman' entering their home, probably due to a previous negative experience, and choose to visit us in the first instance, whilst for another Customer an at home service is essential. Others may want to take a DIY, supply only, approach and measure and fit their own vertical blinds. We try and cater for all Customer requirements with one underlying promise, whichever area of contact you choose, at no time will any member of staff adopt a hard sell or 'pushy' approach. We have all come across this and Abbey Blinds staff are instructed to treat a Customer exactly how they would expect to be treated themselves - testimonials from Customers in Dudley